Convert Your Website to Mobile App

Easily and efficiently create new iOS and Android mobile apps for your website using mPal mobile app builder.

Hey Internet Startup, Are You Prototyping or in a Hurry?

Don’t let your investors wait until you build that app. We can understand your pain. Use our service to build a mobile app for your website quickly and fast.

Hey Internet Giant, Are you Looking for a Seamless Mobile App for Your Website?

Have no second thoughts. You are in the right place. Use mPal app builder, to build mobile apps for your website.

Major Features and Benefits

Discover why people choose mPal app builder to convert their websites to mobile apps.

Very Efficient and Fast

mPal app builder helps you to build mobile apps for your website so fast and effectively. It helps you create a mobile app that loads your actual website inside it. Which means if your website is mobile friendly and responsive, this can be fully loaded into the app giving it an easier mobile experience for your users.

Updates Sync Automatically in App

One of the major benefits of using our mPal app builder to build apps for your website is that it allows you to dynamically update the app interface and features as you update your website features. This eliminates the requirement of frequent app updations to support new features you added on your website.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

Nobody likes a heavy app. Apps built using the mPal app builder are extremely lightweight and easy to install, which should help you get more user installations for the app. Typically an Android app created using mPal app builder sizes less than 2MB.

Looks Seamless with Your Website

The screen interface of the app built using mPal app builder looks exactly like the website it is configured to load (mobile responsive view of the website). It ensures seamless user experience for your users across different devices and/or platforms.

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Please find our pricing below. This is the pricing for app building for one time and/or for subsequent uploading assistance (once). Prices are in USD.

Build an iOS App
(Apple App Store Compatible)

$149 Only

Build an Android App
(Google Play Store Compatible)

$99 Only

Assistance & Support to upload app package in Apple App Store

$199 Only

Assistance & Support to upload app package in Google Play Store

$199 Only